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Boston Area Folks: Let's Miss The Super Bowl!

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GirlsNQueers First
GirlsNQueers First

Boston Area Folks: Let's Miss The Super Bowl!

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As some of you know, a women's event I used to host usually fell on Super Bowl Sunday and missing the game to hang out with a bunch of queer women was a great pleasure--for all of us. Super Bowl Sunday is a wonderful opportunity to get good parking, to feel very safe walking around the streets or go to places (without televisions!) that are ordinarily too crowded to enjoy. This year I think I've come up with the best counter-programming since a bunch of us went to see Charlize Theron in Monster when it first came out.

   Teeth is a horror movie, directed by an out gay man, that updates the vagina dentata myth. The heroine is a blonde cheerleader-type who starts out as an outspoken abstinence advocate in her high school--and then evolves. You can read reviews of the film at http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/teeth/. There's a show tonight at the Kendall at 7:25, about an hour after kick-off. If you want to come, let me know by commenting here. My comments are screened so feel free to leave your own email or other contact info (which I *won't* unscreen). If folks are up for it we can try to grab a meal beforehand, maybe in Inman Square (since there's not a lot of places to choose from in Kendall). Feel free to invite whoever else you would like to tag along. Take care.
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