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Queer Women Writers in Boston: Tomorrow Morning

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GirlsNQueers First
GirlsNQueers First

Queer Women Writers in Boston: Tomorrow Morning

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I have resisted the idea of a writing group, since I feel there are already many queer-friendly options for folks in the Boston area. But I would like to set up a regular writing date for folks, where a group of us do our own writing for an hour or more at a time and because we're in a group we don't make phone calls, read the paper or try on new fall outfits during the alloted time (as can sometimes happen when no one else is around). I am starting this group on Friday, October 12th at 7 AM at Diesel Cafe in Davis Square. You read that right: 7 AM, so most folks can work for at least an hour before they go to their day-jobs.

We already have a couple of people interested. If you are too, come tomorrow at 7! To make the best use of writing time (and to protect laptops from errant spills) I'm going to suggest that folks who are eating breakfast (before they write, after they write or as a break) and presumably talking to the others, try to be a little removed from the folks who are writing (like at the next table). Then when you're finished, join the writing table and write your hearts out. I am planning on being there from 7 to 9:30, so I'm hoping folks can squeeze in an hour anyway. As always at Diesel, don't count on a handy outlet (there are plenty but they are scattered in many different places and are always in high demand). If you bring a laptop make sure the battery is charged. That's about it. See you tomorrow.
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